Cynthia Rapp

Cynthia Rapp

Sad but true, we’ve started the New Year by loosing one of our original partners: Cynthia Rivera Rapp. Cynthia was diPietro Todd’s first color assistant to pass through our training program back in the early 90’s. She worked on the color team downtown for a short while and moved over to our Mill Valley Salon when we first opened and from there she went on to become one of the most gifted, busiest colorists in the industry. After several years we put together a partnership with Cynthia for our Palo Alto location and together we brought that salon to the success it is today. Cynthia put her heart and soul into the Palo Alto salon and everyone who came there could feel it. It was pretty simple—she loved her work and the clients loved her. On top of being amazing at her craft, Cynthia was also a very intuitive woman and took care of her staff to make sure they were happy and well cared for. I had to call her voicemail the other day after she passed just to hear her say one last time: “Remember, you’ve only got today—make it a great day.”


7 thoughts on “Cynthia Rapp

  1. Kenta says:

    Cynthia was an artistic genius, a committed professional, a fantastic mother and a true friend. Her mantra was, “I am so blessed, so blessed,” said with a smile and wearing her trademark stiletto heels. She fought debilitating illness for years with courage, intelligence and determination. DPT Palo Alto is a magical place, and it is her creation. We will never forget Cynthia, and she will be deeply missed. I loved her very much.

  2. Kat Tully says:

    I loved Cynthia so much! I came to her when I was 13, and had utterly ruined my blonde hair with blue and red dye. The minute I walked in the door of the Palo Alto salon, and Cynthia saw me with my distraught mother, she dropped what she was doing and came over to us immediately. She asked if she could speak to me first alone. When my mom consented, Cynthia took me aside, smiled at me kindly, and said, “Tell me what you were trying to do with your hair.” I explained that I simply wanted to experiment with something wild like other kids were doing. “Well, how do like the results?” she asked. “Pretty awful,” I admitted. She asked if I wanted my original hair back and I said yes, although I thought it was an impossibility.

    Cynthia next talked privately to my mom, saying,
    “I can see how upset you are, but don’t be. All
    teenagers experiment and really, this is pretty tame.No permanent damage although it’s going to cost a lot to fix. But please, Momma, let this one go. It’s really ok. She’s a good kid and she did a dumb thing, but not a bad or a permanent
    thing.” My mom listened to Cynthia’s wisdom
    and the whole mood between us changed.

    I am 24 now. My mom and I have had a
    beautiful, loving relationship all throughout my
    teen and college years, one that grows stronger
    every day. Both of us talk often about how
    Cynthnia paved the way for our great
    relationship with that first meeting. Both of us
    talked to Cynthia about personal matters all the
    time from then on. She was not only our
    trusted friend and advisor, she also gave both of us absolutely beautiful hair!

    I cannot fully grasp the idea that Cynthia is gone

    yet. It seems impossible that I will never hug
    her or talk to her again–that we will never again
    share that flush of joy when the color and
    highlights are perfect. Cynthia was a genius at color who literally transformed my hair from frightful to fantastic. But she was much, much more than that to me. She was the wise woman
    friend ever young girl needs as evolves into womanhood. I loved her so much, and will never forget her.

  3. Kenta says:

    Cynthia was an artistic genius, a committed professional, a devoted mother and a beloved mentor and friend to all her co-workers and clients. The Palo Alto salon was a magical place–a place where everyone wanted to be. Cynthia was it’s creator, its lifeguver, and continues to be its inspiration today. Those she managed and trained are passionate in their committment to practicing at the highest level of the profession, and clients are deeply grateful for this.

    Cynthia accomplished so much while fighting life-threatening illnesses with courage, intelligence and determination. “I am so blessed, so blessed!”. That was Cynthia’s mantra, said with a smile while wearing her trademark stiletto heels.

    We were all so lucky to know you, Cynthia! You gave us so much. We will never forget you, and you will be terribly missed. You were my treasured friend, and I loved you very much.

    • dipietrotodd says:

      Sorry about the delay in getting your comments up, we have had a tremendous outpouring of comments. Thanks everyone for your beautiful words!

  4. I feel like I don’t want to get my hair highlighted ever again.

    Cynthia was the only person that I can remember to ever highlight my hair. I have been her client since the salon opened in Palo Alto. I only trust Cynthia with my highlights because she was my friend, and I was her client. Isn’t it weird how a client knows less about the artist who colors their hair, while Cynthia knows the answer to whatever question she asked. I felt like it was more than just sitting in here chair as a client. She listened to me and I always had fun whenever I walked in, thanks to all the great people working at the salon too. I gave Cynthia my trust and she used it to make her art not only the best skill and better than any celebrity or magazine picture, but a refection of my personality. She was in tune with my stages in life and colored my hair accordingly to what I was doing. I could have pointed out any picture in a magazine I wanted and still walked out with a completely different color because she knows what I want more than I do. It’s true. She knows without me asking because she asked the right questions. She was so supportive and accepting of me as a human being.

    Every time she did a such great color that I always got tons of compliments, people loved her Art. So many complements about how beautiful the hair was, the color, shine, everything. It gave me a lot of confidence and she is a great artist.

    The last time she colored it was the BEST time ever. How can I ever get it colored again by anyone else? I am a different person than I was last year and don’t have Cynthia to read my mind without me asking. I’m just a brunette – and I want to be my natural color for awhile since I can’t sit in Cynthia’s chair ever again.

    I am very sad to see her go. I’m not ready for a relationship with a new color artist and will not be for awhile and want to be a natural brunette. I know it’s just hair, but Cynthia was too special and her art really was a big part of my personality. Thank you Cynthia for making all my visits so special.

    Miss Kora Roberta Vakil

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