An Evening with Peter Wood

Tonight the whole staff was treated to a live documentary of the hair industry from the 1960’s until now, narrated by a first-hand witness, and our beloved co-worker, Peter Wood.  I am personally still vibrating with excitement, as Peter is basically a living legend and universally loved and admired by anyone who knows him.
Peter put together a slide show of images depicting his story, both professional and personal, and shared it with our entire staff.  His story begins in London in the early 1960’s. Peter began his career at Vidal Sassoon as an apprentice. In the years that followed he got a bird’s eye view of the hair revolution that Vidal Sassoon inspired and was one of only 40 people who were trained to do these highly specific, and heavily sought after haircuts.  His talent exposed him to many icons of the 1960’s, moved him to Toronto, then to San Francisco where he opened his own salon. His story ends with him meeting Kim and Andrew Todd in the late 1980’s and joining their original staff when they opened diPietro Todd.
Peter, like very few successful hairstylists, has absolutely no ego, making it even harder to sniff out his accomplishments. It was so great to hear his autobiography and to have some light shed on an era of hairdressing I know very little about. History is a powerful tool and the more you go back and discover the more you move forward and learn. It was so refreshing to hear a man say that after over 50 years of cutting hair, he still genuinely enjoys it. Even more refreshing is hearing him say that his greatest accomplishment isn’t rising to the top of his profession, but his marriage to his wife.

-Shelby Cowell
(colorist pacific heights)


Reinventing diPietro Todd

Breathing new life into diPietro Todd Salons + Academy is what Andrew and I have been committed to doing since 1988 when our doors first opened. With that being said, we’re very proud to announce that we recently brought Amita Moticka and Sam Hayes into our partnership for our Mill Valley and Union Square locations. They both have been working at diPietro Todd for 15+ years and have contributed so much to our success that we couldn’t be more delighted to have them officially join our team as partners.   After the big announcement to the staff they all responded with rounds of applause and unanimously said they were very excited to see them both get more involved.   We’ll all have to wait and see the new mood they create while adding it to the mix at diPietro Todd.  I have faith that everyone will enjoy the journey.



CCA Annual Fashion Show 2013


diPietro Todd has worked on many fashion shows in the past 25 years, but seriously, the CCA show that took place on May 17th was one of the best ever. The partners at diPietro Todd had the honor of sitting front and center to admire the beautifully diverse models showcasing the designs from the students who were selected as top in their class. The collections were so beautiful, honestly I thought they were as amazing or more than anything I’d seen at New York Fashion Week this year. How the judges decided on a winner was beyond me. And I shouldn’t forget to mention…. the hair was perfect!

Thank you Moises and the creative team at diPietro Todd.






BuildOn Charity Event


One of the things I love most about this business and hairdressers in general is their love of ‘giving back’. Historically, the beauty industry has been, and continuously is, one of the most generous communities. I’ve been involved in charitable causes since before my teens and I’m so happy I’ve picked a career which supports and encourages such endeavors.

On May 3rd myself and some of the diPietro Todd partners and managers had the pleasure of sponsoring and attending the 2013 BuildOn Bay Area Dinner at the Saint Francis. BuildOn is a nonprofit organization which takes high-risk kids and gets them involved in community service and outreach programs, raising funds to then build schools in third world countries. All of us were touched by the students’ stories and look forward to continuing our support to this cause (in that one evening BuildOn raised over $720k!).

-Dylan Ponicsan
Partner, Walnut Creek


25th Anniversary Party!

diPietro Todd  Salons + Acdemy 1988- 2013. It was an emotional evening for Andrew and I while we opened our hearts and shared our sentiments about being in business for 25 years. We Toasted with champagne, told old stories and had a good laugh about the fact that we’ve been in business longer that most of our assistants have been alive. Andrew said that we’re really just 25 yrs. young and just getting started with still so much to do.

What I know is this—-We’re still living by our mission statement……diPietro Todd—dPT….Discipline, Passion + Truth.

Thank you everyone at dPT and thank you dear clients for your continued loyalty.  You’ve all been a part of a dream come true and we couldn’t have done it without you.



diPietro Todd Announces a New Creative Director Moises Villa


A naturally gifted stylist right from the start, Moi Villa excelled in diPietro Todd’s “Development” training program and it was clear that he would go far at dPT. Ten years later he has been offered the position as “Creative Director” and we are very excited to see how his innate sense of creativity and style will inspire the team at dPT. I always told Moises from the very beginning that he would make diPietro Todd famous one day. Now is his opportunity.


Kim Todd


moises upstyling20120729_300